Paving ideas

There are many different types of paving to choose from.

Precast concrete flags are modular pavers that come in a variety sizes, shapes, colours, textures and patterns. They are a great choice for those who want a different look but don't want to pay for natural stone. Modular permeable systems, which soak up water instead of creating runoff, are available for driveways, walkways and patios Natural Sandstone flags will give your patio that touch of exclusivity because each paving slab is different and unique, thanks to the many natural tonal variations, differing riven profiles and exquisite natural veining.With a range of natural shades and varied shapes, not to mention individual textures, Natural Sandstone provides a wealth of design possibilities. The Natural Sandstone range is also available in a selection of circle feature kits, edging and walling products Porcelain paving is manmade from natural materials, it has a number benefits which suit the more modern way of living in the UK today including being resistant to severe temperature changes and damage from mould or moss. It will maintain its characteristics, both technically and aesthetically over time, which means it will not fade in the sun, so if you buy "black" it will still be black in 5 or 10 years' time. It provides a low maintenance paving solution which requires no additional treatments to be applied, such as sealants. It Is easy to clean. As porcelain does not absorb spillages you need only use a mild detergent and a jet wash to clean it. It is extremely hard wearing and strong and is therefore suitable for both driveways and pathways All this comes with a high price though compared to most other paving options! Please get in touch to see a brochure from our suppliers featuring all our different types of paving.

Indian Stone Paving

The natural stone, which comes in a variety of colours is very popular.

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Modern Paving

The modern smooth look paving is almost like having a tiled room outside!

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There is paving to suit all budgets and needs. Please contact us to receive a brouchure of the full range.